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Left, Right! Left, Right!

As most people who know me know, I am pretty politically opinionated. My opinion is that I don’t like politics (or generally politicians). Now there is this big hoopla over the Republican primaries. Who will be the next Republican candidate!??!?!?!?! Easy answer ‘Who cares’. Notice the lack of punctuation indicative of a question. Because that was a statement. The more in-depth answer is ‘If it’s not Ron Paul, than it doesn’t even matter.’ I could keep going but I don’t want you get a stomach ache while I list off the reasons this primary is a complete and utter crapfest. Yes, Crapfest. Ok maybe I’ll throw out a few reasons.

First of all lets take a trip back to ’08. Obama was going to save the world… ..or something. Bring our troops home, magically give everyone free healthcare and a pony. In fact some people are still buying this crap. I’ve got this eccentric friend, lets call him John. Ok well that’s actually his name. He’s a fun guy. He was a hardcore Obama supporter, his car was plastered with those peace sign Obama bumper stickers. John would talk about how Obama was going to end the wars and bring our troops home. Now he’s reportedly justifying Obama’s continued aggression in the middle east. You know things like lets say deliberately targeting and blowing the crap out a 16 year old US citizen and his friends with a drone strike.

OK so now republicans want Obama out. Not because he’s busy spreading the teenage body parts all over the Mideast, but because he’s a democrat who is doing [insert some excuse here].

Well that’s what the media would have you think. In fact, republicans and democrats and the rest of America don’t even approve of what Government on all levels is doing… Dissatisfied with the crime and violence created by the war on drugs, constant attacks on liberties at home, rising tax rates, gov corruption ect….

So.. Republicans get together and its looking like they are going to choose Romney as their candidate? WTF? Romney? Really? Why?! Oh wait because he can beat Obama.. right and save the economy and bring world peace blah blah blah.

So lets just look here for a minute. Bush did a bad job, so lets replace him with Obama. Oh well blow me down, Obama’s policies are exactly like and on the same course as the Bush administration (global domination, stripping of liberties at home,hookers and blow… ok i added that last part, but you never know Obama might like that too) only Obama’s a lot better looking.  So lets elect Romney because he is… EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA! Do you really think this absurd path of electing clones is going to do anything to make this world a better place?

Anyway are you guys going to play this Left, Right, Left, Right game? Because they are just marching people along. It’s not like people don’t know it. Reporters outside the polling stations constantly heard “I wanted to vote for Ron Paul but I voted for Mitt because he can beat Obama” ah please, who cares… Might as well vote for him because he thinks his dog likes fresh air.

Ah jeeze don’t even get me started on Santorum. Currently second place?! This guy wants to fine and jail people who watch porn! I mean make it a priority of the administration. Well there goes my Friday night.. This guy is a lunatic who wants apply via the force of government his twisted moral principals to your life. People shouldn’t be allowed to marry who they want? (Romney says the same thing) Last I checked I don’t need a permit to love someone, so get your government out of my personal life. Thats right gov should have no say about my wife and I  or my gay cousin and his husband. Man these politicians.. I mean for hetero’s they sure act like a bag of dicks. What kind of brainwashed people vote for this guy? if your one of them, please tell me what you like about a man who wants to use government to get into everyone’s personal life?! Ah and he calls himself pro life, yet brags about how wonderful is would be to assassinate scientists and American citizens.

Anyway this is why I love Ron Paul. He respects the individual and peace.

Ah now I’ve done it. Go about your life, oh and come to a show!


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